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Malaysia Airplane Flight MH 370 Possible Locations: Turkish Remote Viewing Group Report PDF Yazdır e-Posta
Sultan Tarlacı tarafından yazıldı.   
Perşembe, 03 Nisan 2014 11:01
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According to the our remote viewers;

-        Most probable crash cause is terrorist attack

-        Low possibility technical error or fire/sudden explosion

And also we obtained description of the persons, possible terrorist,

-        During the flight, one person entered to the cockpit (please see drawing of person)

-        Description: Long-face, middle-aged, pale face, frontal baldness which is on the right side, as if it had burned scalp and the dimple on his right cheek wrinkles, tall techies, technical man. Calm, like black and white checkered plaid jacket that are available. Snap thin lips. The young pilot was very scared. Possible problem comes from this person. Please see our drawing, below:


Possible landed/crashed locations, obtained common key words

  • -        Large water channel like as V-shape
  • -        V-shape may be in the river or near lake
  • -        Airplane covered large forest or another shield
  • -        Near big and sole/single island, may be mentioned V-shaped river on this island
  • -        Airplane near to the spore/game hall, covered by large glasses 
  • -        White dolphins
  • -        Terrorist
  • -        Second young pilot

Possible coordinates or locations

Khanka lake region



Toba Mountain Region, Toba lake region or valley of the Toba mountain or slope of hill, V shape, active volcanic mountain








V-shape valley and also riverbed. Possible there are many similar location, this is not unique!

Another direct coordinate

This coordinates: 16.08866-110.6726207 and Paracel islands, we are not know mean, near the “wu...h a”  (??). We are not native speakers, may be you can find appropriate association or another name.

And another location/coordinate 6.40648-110.672607.

All locations attached as map, you can see below






Another location: near the Pualu nias islan

We are not know mean of  “Pu -sn çi (si) -16 (6) -11-(10 )” May be you can feel sensible mean.  




Another location map, coordinates: 6_40_and_110_67, you can see in the map. Red center of map.


Dditional location: Danau sentarum montains, red circled area. Please see map-below.


Another location, this island



We are not know mean of these words. Previously I was say we are not native speaker English and also your local language. May be you can feel true/right means of these words:

-        Sevet duana

-        Qu kanga

-        Beisi

-        Like as sound Nimçıu

-        Sememıta 

-        South Ruam

-        River douhe, douhke or Douke-(River in China???)***İmportant

-        Gine Surimi

-        Symnie (pilot name??)

-        White Dolphine

-        Khanka region/district


And also during the remote viewing, we obtained these numbers. May be you can find mean of these numbers:

-        48, 32 or 22

-        43-27-33-----58-57-81

-        47-34,

------End of the Report--------