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Name: perispri: Foresee: I am in Italy, began to break down historic church bells ringing noise when I look back I see the destruction of the bridge is a suspension bridge on the bridge before the bridge that keeps the feet then he did not understand earhquake, road crashes. 01 November 2010

Your name: Your love: Foresee: Italy? name blooded ... Image of a cloud of dust .. italy red letter?? 30.07.2011

Your name: Your love: Foresee: rain. A dark, misty weather .. the wind .. the sounds of children crying .. earthquake, descending the stairs with the baby in her arms painted black with blue-haired woman ... ITALY-ENGLAND-IZMIR .. names ..! 20.04.2010

Name: Ezoterica: Dream Foresee: June 4, Saturday morning, I saw an image: Very close to the South of Italy or South Asia at a time (a long boot image of the country's south, such as geological). A violent earthquake .. 04.06.2010

Realisation time interval is too long. But one thing is interesting predictions before,  After projections, often in occurs within 2-3 days, the period of time is not limited to. 10 years later, the prediction can be made even 100 years laters. 


What is important here;

1. about a country like Italy is not often our biggest earthquake prediction until we have 26 (including politicians) premonition, 26/Total web site premonitions 1482 (since 2009 year)

2. Four of these about earthquake, 4/26

3. This earthquake in Italy, because the century, was also too far from previous earthquakes. I think the 1800's.

4. Large earthquakes in the earthquake for a long interval, 100-150 years, two-year delay in time prediction is not very large.

5. Information about the event, even if this is felt at least I think the crumb.

Of course I am open to other ideas ...

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