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1   Link   Remote Viewing Instructional Services, Inc.
RVIS, Inc's president and primary instructor is Paul H. Smith, who created most of the CRV training manual as part of the military CRV program.
2   Link   Target Junkies
This web site evolved from a discussion list established in 1998, which focused on exploring remote viewing and the many associated psychic/paranormal topics.
3   Link   Remote Viewing and Dowsing
Since 1997 PJ explored and help disseminate remote viewing on the internet - this site is one of the best resources around and a discussion place for hundres of remote viewers.
4   Link   Ingo Swann's Web Page
The father of Remote viewing's own website with history, documents and fantastic artwork.
5   Link   Firedocs Remote Viewing - Archived - TOC and Links
Firedocs Remote Viewing Collection began online in 1995 and was the first non-military, non-science "layman" website for the subject online. It made RV history of sorts with the VWR archives (half a dozen former STAR GATE players participated, psychics and others), the first-ever public posting of the CRV Manual, detailed transcripts of the crazier field elements (I thought history couldn't be ignored or lied about if I documented it.
6   Link   RVTargets.com
RV Targets for you!
7   Link   Stargate Interactive Archives
The 89,000 CIA Remote viewing documents and files released through the freedom of infomation act - compiled and organised with a NEW easy-to-use index system for you to buy and use.
8   Link   The Aurora Group
The Aurora Group is a team of experienced remote viewers from around the world, working together to achieve common goals.
9   Link   Eight Martinis Remote Viewing magazine
Eight martinis is a FREE downloadable Remote Viewing magazine dedicated to the pursuit and the applications of Remote Viewing. Each Issue we will show full examples of Remote Viewing sessions and projects from some of the leading remote Viewing practitioners in the field.
10   Link   Remote viewing targets
Remote viewing targets and sessions on the net - you can find ample remote viewing targets here! PJ's legendary resource site for everything Remote viewing including; targets, message boards, FAQ's and much more!
11   Link   RemoteWieved
Remote viewing is the almost magical ability to transcend time and space and gather information about an object, event, person, or place using more than the normal six senses.
Excellent archive for RV.
A non-profit organization promoting the responsible use and development of remote viewing.
13   Link   Haftalık Uzaktan Çalışma RV
The feedback for these targets is designed to make them usable for viewers of every level of training and experience.
14   Link   Başka UZaktan Çalışma, Target monkey
These targets have been selected and created by me (Daz). Each target has feedback and is constructed with a proper cue for your subconscious to follow. If you believe in the 'tasker intent' theory then there is also a fair amount of contributed intent on my behalf. All making very good practice targets.
No 'describe the focus of the photograph' targets here.